Regenerative Design: Beyond Sustainable


Invest in Your Future

Grow Your Home into a Bountiful Oasis

Financial Savings for Sustainability

Many green products can be more expensive than their conventional counterparts. When it comes to green building, new houses usually cost more. With natural building and the GrownHome approach to water, solar, and landscaping, our prices are competitive with conventional services, and most often cheaper. This is because a core part of our philosophy is using readily-available natural materials, renewable resources, and transforming waste to resource. Additionally, our heart goes into every one of our projects as if we were building for family. We would rather work with you on finding a fair price and installing a regenerative design that we all can be proud of for decades to come than making a quick profit on any part of your property.

Embodied Energy

A far less known, but globally important economic and environmental consideration in building is embodied energy. This is the amount of energy commercial energy used to manufacture a product, bring it to market & dispose of it. In the United States, over 30% of the energy used in manufacturing goes directly into construction: steel, concrete, plywood, paints, epoxy, stains, varnish, tiles, carpets, wiring, etc. By using urbanite (re-used, broken concrete chunks), rock, bamboo, clay and renewable lumber, we are investing in the long term health of our economy and our country’s energy. Perhaps our examples can blaze a new trail for patriots everywhere to embrace local resources, take pride in renewing what we use, and reduce our reliance on foreign imports of fuels, energy, and other materials by becoming more efficient, innovative, and responsible with what is directly available in our area.

Investments in Resources, Health & Community

The greatest investment we can make in our long-term future is our neighborhood and our family. By ensuring our children and grandchildren have a healthy, safe, abundance place to learn and grow, we ensure that our future will be the same. One of the greatest features of natural building is the low- or no-toxin presence in the building materials we choose. By eliminating off-gassing of chemicals and choosing to build solid, secure structures that maintain their integrity for at least twice the life-span of conventional homes, we create a solid foundation for good air-quality, pollution reduction and overall health. In fact, clay walls and floors actually absorb pollutants and toxins and encase them safely away.


Additional health and community sharing is created in our landscapes. By providing an abundance of local, organic, fresh fruits and vegetables, you are making an investment in the most important part of your body’s health: what you put into it. And with the aesthetic that we create in our sustainable landscape designs, you will be drawn to spend more time in the comfort of your gardens and food forests with your friends, family, and to get those moments of quiet solitude and relaxation in your own backyard.


We are in the process of partnering with a local non-profit, We Share Earth to compile a free eBook that will be available in a few short months detailing the scientific, economic, and physiological benefits of natural building, food forests, and sustainable landscapes. In the meantime, feel free to contact us for any questions or detailed information about the direct benefits GrownHome can provide to you and your loved ones.


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