Regenerative Design: Beyond Sustainable


Allow us to Grow Your Home

Common House to Dream Home

It Starts with Your Intention

Share with us the improvements you are looking to make on your property. Whether your are looking for a small improvement to your garden, green retrofitting your walls with natural plaster, or constructing a new straw bale home, we can provide the sustainable solution for you.

GrownHome Contact Information

(805) 881-3442

We will get back to you via phone or email within 48 hours, and look forward to working with you and your home.

If We Can’t Help, We’ll Find Someone Who Can

Sometimes our prices may be too expensive, other times our experts availability may not match your time frame, and it could be that what you are looking for and what we provide are not compatible. It is very likely that someone within our vast network of connections or a contact within that network who has another network of connections can provide exactly the service you are looking for. We want your needs to be met and if we find a more perfect fit for your project, we’ll be happy to connect you directly.


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