Regenerative Design: Beyond Sustainable


Sharing Resources

Growing Community, Innovating Solutions

Free eBooks & Free Booklets for Sustainability [PDF]

Free Composting Booklet

Free Humanure Handbook (an alternative to Sewage & Septic)

Free Essence of Permaculture Handbook (Design Science of Sustainability)

Oasis Design: Water & Greywater Resources [PDF]

Introduction to Greywater – Part 1

Introduction to Greywater – Part 2

Greywater Site Assessment & Checklist

Greywater for Trees & Landscape

Laundry to Landscape System

Calculating Rainwater Harvest

Water Storage for Fire Safety

Protecting Groundwater

Deep Green Checklist

Teachers & Inspiration

Quail Springs: permaculture farm & learning oasis; natural building & sustainability models

Oasis Design: Art Ludwig – water expert, engineer, ecologist & bike enthusiast

Fairview Farms: Mark Tollefson – farming & urban homesteading center in Santa Barbara, CA

Cobb Cottage Company: Ianto Evans – Pioneer of modern Natural Building

Vertical Clay: Bay Area natural builders; workshops, school & construction

Harvesting Rainwater: Brad Lancaster – rainwater harvesting

Owen Dell: author of Sustainable Landscaping for Dummies

Other Links & Resources

We Share Earth: Non-profit dedicated to sharing viable sustainable solutions for the planet

Two Years Grow: Growing & sustainability blog inspired by the Four Years. Go. campaign

Path to Freedom: Pasadena, CA Urban Homestead creating self-sufficient food

Ojai Foundation: Natural Building, Sustainable Landscaping & More

Natural Building Network: Collection of Workshops, Articles, and News

Building Green TV: Videos on Earthen Plaster, Cob, Straw bale & Other Green Building

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