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Natural Building: Beyond Green Building

We utilize green building materials, construct homes with green building technologies, and produce some of the finest green building solutions on the market. In fact, our buildings are beyond green. We employ the most green building products available:

    • Earth: stone, pebbles & clay
    • Renewable Resources: fast growing plants such as bamboo
    • Waste to Resource: straw, urbanite (broken concrete), and blue jeans insulation.

Earthen Plaster: Looks Beautiful, Costs Less

The newest trend seems to be in faux finishes, and it isn’t a cheap alternative. With earthen plaster, you get the natural look in a variety of colors, textures, and finishes that give the final look naturally; when artificially created it costs more and involves lots of materials, most of which are actually harmful to the planet or people. One of the biggest advantages to earthen plaster besides the cheaper cost, is that it actually absorbs toxins. Clay naturally encases such toxins as off-gassed chemicals, pollution and even radiation.

Earthen Floors: Regulates Temperature, Feels Great

You’ll never forget the first time your bare feet walk upon an earthen floor. The cool, natural feel beneath you has the perfect balance of give and take; not as hard or cold as tile, and a bit more substance than hardwood floors. Now, it’s no plush carpet, but then again, it doesn’t off-gas toxic chemicals like a new carpet. In fact, clay in your floors or on your walls will absorb those toxins.

Green Retrofit (Gretrofit)

We’re not suggesting you tear down your existing house to build an earth-friendly house; in fact, that would be more of a detriment to the planet and your wallet than working with what you’ve already got. Instead, we have some alternative suggestions to the the typical remodel or maintenance:

  • Instead of paint, use earthen plaster. It’s cheaper, better for the environment, non-toxic and can be colored in almost any shade to match your existing decor.
  • Replace fiberglass with blue jeans insulation. Bats of insulation made from left-over denim are just as efficient as fiberglass with none of the irritants.
  • Replace old carpet with earthen floors. Cost efficient and beautiful, it gives you the option to lay down easy-to-clean floor rugs instead of a carpet that absorbs years of dirt, dust, spills and everything else that’s on the bottom of your shoes.


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