Regenerative Design: Beyond Sustainable


Solar Power at Home

Solar Installation & Maintenance

Harness the Power of Sunshine

As innovations keep improving the technology of solar panels, electrical efficiency makes solar power a wise choice for your home. After we provide an expert to survey your location for the ideal spot to collect the sun’s rays, we can advise you on the ideal array of solar collectors, placement, costs, and approximate return on your investment.

Solar Panels are a Smart Investment

We empower you to grow and invest in the future with food forests surrounding your property. Imagine neighborhoods of healthy homes with happy humans living meaningful lives. This dream becomes reality when we create resiliency by growing abundant amounts of food, medicine, and shelter. By pioneering the way in your neighborhood, you set an example to improve property values, safety, security and community.

Discounts & Subsidies Available Now

Different government agencies, power companies and solar companies are constantly offering rebates, discounts, subsidies, and specials. Let us match your needs with a plan and program that is custom-tailored to your area. Contact us today for information about prices, incentives, and availability.


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