Regenerative Design: Beyond Sustainable


Water Conservation

Rainwater Harvesting & Greywater Reuse

Rainwater Harvest & Catchment Systems

Water composes more than 70% of this planet’s surface and our bodies. It is the lifeblood of our health, our food, and our survival. We do not take that responsibility lightly at GrownHome, and encourage Rainwater Harvesting in all of our designs. Whether you are interested in a simple garden, a sustainable overhaul to your property, or a natural home, all of our designs consider the natural element of water and rainfall.
Our initial consideration is to funnel water directly into the soil, where it can do the most good. By keeping water on your property, and feeding your plants and trees, you ensure an abundant future to your landscape. Rainwater catchment and storage is certainly a great strategy, and we caution our clients that most rain barrels or cisterns will not hold enough volume to water your entire landscape for the year. They do make great emergency back-ups for water in a natural disaster, and add to the property self-sufficiency and community-resiliency that we encourage at GrownHome. For more information, Owen Dell has shared his opinion in this article on rainwater harvesting versus rainwater storage.

Greywater to Landscape

Thanks to the efforts of our friend and mentor, Art Ludwig of Oasis Design, California made a major improvement to greywater laws in August of 2009. The easiest integration of these new laws is laundry to landscape: pumping the 20-40 gallons from the wash and rinse cycle onto your fruit trees, bamboo, ornamentals, and non-vegetable & herb plants. Greywater can also be used in stages for filtration in ponds, wetlands, and other water features on the property. Check out Oasis Design’s resources for more books written about how to create an oasis with greywater.

Water Recycling

When the environment you live in becomes balanced, harmonious, and fits your needs like a glove, time and energy is now abundant to spend time with your loved ones. As you rest in the haven of your personal oasis, you find ease and efficiency in eating and sharing the organic, homegrown food sprouting where you live. You relax into every shower, knowing the water feeds your fruit trees, and smile with relief every time you wash your dirty clothes, knowing the laundry feeds your landscape. This low maintenance, high abundance lifestyle is GrownHome.


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